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For quite sometime systemisation of school administration has been a part of every school and we have used different operators in the past. With inclusion of CCE as everyday part of school life, we were looking for somebody who can be quick, efficient and can give us the best service. That’s how we came across Eduflex and my experience with Eduflex since past 3 years has been really good. The way they go about implementing our changes is commendable. They are fully efficient and fully aware of CBSE CCE. The staff of Eduflex are quick to respond to our various needs & Requirements. The handholding that they done with the staff to acclimatize the whole process should be commended. It is an easy interface for parents, staff and pupils. All our group of schools are using Eduflex and have experienced them to be really good and we would like to continue with Eduflex for a long time.

education erp rcis bangalore Leema Swamy,Principal ,Royale Concorde ,Bangalore

Eduflex has come to be an answer to all the system planning at Deens. From admission, to recruitment, communication and assessments, all of Eduflex's modules has been customized to match Deens Philosophy of partnership and individual attention. Every system has been created for easy use by a staff member or a parent. They are prompt and courteous service. We would recommend Eduflex to any school that believes in excellence.

school erp kideens eduflex Shanti Menon ,Principal ,The Deens, Bangalore

…….About Time!! Now we can concentrate on the well being of our pupils, because…. EDUFLEX SAVES OUR TIME!

school erp uk Mel Sewell-AST at a large special school in U.K.